Search Driven Data Assistant for your apps & teams 

Query & Analyse your datasources in simple english without a line of code. 
Don't SQL. Just Search 

 Search & Analyse all your

datasources without a line of code

IMUX helps you search through your organisational databases and get you the right answers within seconds without depending on developers, analysts or other peers. 

How it Works ?

Search. Visualise. Report 

Connect your databases to our SaaS Platform
Data Visualisation for desktop & mobile
English to SQL Natural Language Query 
Easy Report Sharing 

What can you do with IMUX ?

Search Data | Visualise in Seconds | Export & Share Reports

Sales & Marketing Managers can make instant reports

Totals Sales by Category in 2017

Finance Managers can check data instantly

No. of transactions by age

Data Analysts reduce reporting backlog

Average Size of Orders Today

Business Executives track the data themselves

No. of Users from Ohio by month

Demo Video

Check the video of how our product works for a sample E-Commerce / Retail Dataset 

IMUX Communicates with

We are working on more integrations. Let us know if you have something specific for us to work.

What Job would you want IMUX to do ? 


Premium Support for 6 months.

Search unlimited queries for first 3 months.

14 day free trial 

Customisation Support for Dashboards 


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